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Fakemon Starters - Snailunior by MickMcDee
Fakemon Starters - Snailunior

to be honest, I'm not a big fan of all that Pokemon Go stuff, but all the trouble around it made me play the fire-red edition of the first gen again. I should feel embarrased 'cause I'm already 29, but damn, all the old characters and creatures gave me such a great nostalgic feeling . . . it just was fun! Although I remembered that I completed my own Pokedex some years (I think it was 2012) ago and already uploaded some Fakemon. But time changed some things and I forgot the project.
But just a few weeks ago it crawled out of my folders and I thought: "Well, it would be a pity to not show them to the deviants!" So I started drawing . . .

Of course I start with the STARTers. I think everyone knows that you can choose a Pokemon when you start your journey to become a succesful trainer: grass, fire or water. I began with the grass-type and choosed on of my personal favourite creatures of earth as base: ELYSIA CHLOROTICA!!!…
This sea slug devours chloroplasts and stores them into its skin. It is now able to gain energy via photosynthesis. Awesome little thing! The Fakemon is a land snail, cause there is already something like a sea slug Pokemon (think its called Shellos, I'm not up to date with the new generations). I think I don't have to explain much about the Snail or its evolutions 'cause their habits should be obviously. Only one thing is important: their second type is not bug because snails are NOT bugs, they are molluscs!!!

Here's the evolution:
SNAILUNIOR --> Lvl. 16 --> SNAILOCA --> Lvl. 36 --> SLUGGERNAUT

Hope you like them! Next time- FIRE!!!
BTW if you wanna see the original picture of the starters and their evolution, here's the link:…
If you have any questions let me hear them!!!
Keep on watching and please comment!!!
Welcome to Gliese! - Hanging garden by MickMcDee
Welcome to Gliese! - Hanging garden

well, this one tooked me way too long. Made the sketches a few weeks ago, but honestly I did not have the ambition to put them together in another compilation. Last week I finished the colouring, the whole progress tooked me over a month . . . but I like the result.
I decided to draw some more creatures of Gliese and developed another ecosystem. This one's called "Hanging garden" and I think I have to explain that: The flower thing you see in the middle is not really a "garden". Its part of a much more bigger plant which developed these strange structures hanging down from its limbs. The flowers are the base of a complex ecosystem (consisting of the creatures you see in the pic). So, seen from the perspective of the critters, the flowers are like a "garden", cause they are their food, and predators have a rich buffet they can feed on. Unfortunately there wasnt enough space to show a sketch of the giant tree, but its limbs have a spread of two football pitches.

Left, top: Goblet Jumper, a small but fast pollen devourer, although it has an extreme ability for jumping - so it jumps from the ground directly into a goblet of the flower and tears of some grains of pollen

Left, middle: Limb Cracker, a quite big herbivore, which is able to reach the high limbs of the tree with its extendable nipper-tounge, it can crack them and waits for the flowers to fall down

Left, bottom: Twirl Tounge, this one is obviously a slow dweller, it has specialized on devouring nectar feeders which get attracted by the fruity smell of its tounge

Right, top: Titan Fence Head, a superior herbivore, the magnitude and the impressive fence of this creature is based on an arms race with bigger predators from another area of Gliese (that means: it has developed somewhere else but has found a good place to live here!)

Right, middle: Nectar Boulge, hm the name is explaining everything . . . Gliese's equivalent of humming birds - 'nough said!

Right, bottom: Leaf Hangman, another dwelling predator, this one waits inside the treetop for whatever comes around for some nectar (especially the nectar boulges), when it has found a prey it gets into a more vertical position and then just let itself fall onto it - thanks to the law of gravity the sword-like nose pierces even through bigger creatures, the Hangman then just exhausts the prey (that really reminds me of the Daggerwrist from Wayne Barlowe waynebarlowe.files.wordpress.c… )

Phew, hope you like. Think I will stay for a while on Gliese to make some more researches and sketches and so on.
Keep on watching and please comment!!!
Welcome to Gliese! - Tree of life by MickMcDee
Welcome to Gliese! - Tree of life

long time since the last upload, but I was kinda busy. And I had no idea what to draw next. Monday I finally started to make some sketches and I really adored them. The drawing progress was really "easy-going", had a lot of fun figuring out how the creatures could live together on a single tree.
First I was thinking about an ecosystem on ancient Mars (before the theoretical oceans dried out). But then I decided that the creatures look to advanced, they had to come from a more habital planet with big forests and a complex ecosphere . . . sigh, my english is really rusted.
The size comparison of the shown creatures is not correct, most of them are much smaller in real life. The "tree" in the middle is as big as a palm-tree, the slug-creature at the bottom right for example has the size of a turkey.
The concept of this compilation is about lifeforms living on one of the Gliese-planets (I wasn't sure if it was e, f, g or ? so I just used the name of the systems sun). Think the planet would have higher gravity and although higher air pressure, so it would be easier for animals to slide, to crawl or to walk on more and stronger legs. I don't think it would be a nice place for mammals, insect-like critters are more plausible. That's just my opinion, please tell me if I'm wrong - unfortunately I do not have the time for long researches! But, lets come to the actors:

Middle: the "tree of life" is just a metaphor, of course there are many trees on Gliese. It means "the importance of a single individual to a group of completely different species". The tree has a thick scale-like skin, so it can stand against the high gravity of Gliese. The leafs have "muscles" and can be moved slowly when attacked by enemies.

Left, top: the "leaf wing", a really silent dweller, waiting in the shadow of a leave and then falling down quickly onto the unhappy prey. The jaws were inspired by Helicoprion, a really strange permian fish. The green wings are for camouflage.

Left, middle: "juice tick", like the same says it's a tick-like animals, crawling along the scaly stem of the tree of life and searching for "wounds". If they find a weak point they can suck up so much plant juice, that they end up as green, fat footballs.

Left, bottom: "pillar crab", the size comparison here is correct. The pillar crab is one of the biggest creatures of Gliese and devours the leafs of the tree. It although feeds on meat, so no creature of the planet is save from this titan. Would like to know if the arrangement of the eight legs is physically correct . . .

Right, top: "nectar ear", a harmless, but really unique creature. It's like an odd hummingbird, always buzzing around with its wings - or ears - or whatever this could be. Think it looks like gills that turned into wings. A really nice concept :-)

Right, middle: "snatching leaf", it developed into a leaf-looking thing (evolution still in progess, the shape is not perfect yet) and dwells inside of the treetop. If a juice tick comes around, the snatching leaf grabs it with its massive jaws and devours it completely. Nasty fella.

Right, bottom: "acid slug", a huge slug-like creature, using acids to melt down the scaly surface of the tree. The "wounds" I mentioned before are caused by it. The head can be hidden completely inside of the body, the skin is poisonous. Even the pillar crab doesn't like it . . .

Phew, hope you like it! Maybe I will draw some more creature for Gliese, or maybe I continue with some more waterlife from Europa. Let's see!
Keep on watching and please comment!!!
Bioluminescent catcher-tongues of Europa by MickMcDee
Bioluminescent catcher-tongues of Europa
Wow, this one tooked me quite too long. Not the drawing, but the concept! I was planning some creatures for a possible ecosystem on Titan, but all my sketches looked like crippled starfishs, slugs and bubble-blob-thingys. Then I tried to let the creatures look more like fishs, and well, they started to look exactly like fishs. Convergent evolution and a hydrodynamic body make sence in a liquid habitat, but if you're searching for some innovative designs it can make you see red. Finally I said, OK lets make some "bizarre miniature plankton devourers" and the result where these fellas. All in all it tooked me over 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!!!
I was really satisfied with the black and white groundwork and thought: "Hey, they live on Titan . . . in a dark, oil-like sea. There is no need for colours!" A few minutes later I thought: "F*** it! I want some colours!" The final result (in my mind) did not longer fit Titan, but I liked it anyway. So I let them live underneath the ice of Europa, catching microparticles or smaller catcher-tongues or whatever is attracted by their glooming lights. Maybe the colours are still a bit over-the-top . . . 

Hope you like, I had my fun!

Keep on watching and please comment!


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